We Are Hiring !

We are looking for talented and passionate individuals to join our team!

Game Product Manager:

Job Responsibilities:

1. Analyzing the market of children’s games; understanding and researching user psychology and habits. Designing system game concepts, and concepts for player interactivity. Setting up a reward mechanism within the game based on its interactive elements in a way that fully reflects the game’s concept.

2. Mobile game system planning work, writing game planning documents, spread sheets, various artistic needs, etc.

3. Design game scenes, props, checkpoints and other functions of the system.

4. Planning the rules, the gameplay settings, and mathematical/statistical design of the game.

5. Constantly adjust the game to achieve system design goals according to user feedback.

6. In accordance with the developer’s needs, follow the development of the game, and after it is released, maintain responsibility for the product quality.


1. 2+ years experience related to game design; mobile game development preferred.

2. Familiarity with mobile games, aware of and up to date on new games, passion towards iOS or Android games is a plus.

3. Excellent product planning capabilities and ability to create unique game design concepts; familiar with the needs of game product design specifications, having understanding of the user experience.

4. Children’s mobile game design experience preferred.

5. Familiar with the advanced concept of early education at home and abroad, love for children's literature, a creative mindset suitable for creating content for 6-12 year olds.

6. An understanding of children; fun-loving, creative, whimsical.

7. Actual hands on experience in game creation; ability to clearly describe and establish a game's concept, writing game script, and overall finalization of a given product.

8. Has a deep cultural background, imaginative, open-minded, unique creative mindset; having experience planning educational programs preferred.

9. Good English proficiency.

10. Articulate in speech and writing, excellent in getting things done.

11. Someone who has a wealth of imagination, active thinker, quick on your feet.

12. Good sense of team spirit, logical thinking ability, communication skills.

13. Passionate about technical research, easygoing, yet serious and responsible. Strong sense of duty, fast learner, quick problem solver, cool under pressure.

Full Stack Development Engineer

Job Requirements:

1. Familiar with Unified Modeling Language (UML), have a foundation in data structure and algorithms, familiar with object-oriented programming.

2. Familiar with Java, JSP, JavaScript, Spring, Spring MVC, Hibernate and other development techniques, in-depth understanding of the JVM principle

3. Mastery of the JavaScript language core technologies: DOM, BOM, Ajax, JSON, etc.

4. Familiar with TCP / IP protocol and network programming related knowledge.

5. Familiar with at least one relational database and a nosql database.

6. Someone who enjoys trying the latest technology, finds enjoyment in the pursuit of smooth and elegant coding, learns from technical trends and comes up with new ideas to benefit the tech team, and has the ability to quickly use new technology to create practical applications.


1. Familiar with H5 application game framework such as cocos2djs.

2. Proficient in cocos2d.

3. Has completed independent projects.

4. Hands on game development experience.

Game Animation Designer

Job Responsibilities:
1. Project manage the design and production of character animation and special effects for our hand-held games.

2. Be responsible for the design and production of game scene animation and special effects.

3. Work with the UI to create the required animation.

4. Work with programmers to complete animation for release and debugging.

Job Requirements:
1. Major in Art/Animation (ability to stand out from the crowd)

2. More than two years of experience in game animation, can independently complete the entire character and scene animation (ability to create special effects is preferred).

3. Proficient in Flash, Spine, Cocostudio and other animation software, good at frame animation, component animation, skeletal animation.

4. Skilled use of Photoshop, Ai, Illustrator, Coreldraw, Animation Editor and other design software.

5. Strong ability to draw/paint by hand, excellent basic art skills and a deep understanding of the principles of animation. The candidate will also be able to independently draw the raw animation, character animation and special effects.

6. Has a deep understanding of the laws of motion, familiar with lens movement, cinematography, facial animation, and object movement.

7. Thinks outside of the box, awareness and profound grasp of character concepts, passion for innovation.

8. 3D animation design and production experience is preferred (3D Max, Maya, etc.)

9. Good sense of team spirit, logical thinking ability, communication skills.

10. Passionate about technical research, easygoing, yet serious and responsible. Strong sense of duty, fast learner, quick problem solver, cool under pressure.

Please also submit your personal works when submitting your resume.