Red Hood Fashion Designer

Manage your own store! Give yourself the best outfits! Design all of your own clothes and put them out on the market. Finally, don’t forget to take pictures of your favorite designs and share them with all your friends!

Little Red Riding Hood’s Diary:

Opening Day!

First I dressed myself! I made a hat, some jewelry, a skirt, coat, pants… and of course, they were great!

Ding! A customer came through the door… it was the wolf!

“Oh, my dear, don’t be afraid. I am too old now to eat meat. My teeth just aren’t what they used to be. I’m here today for some new pants!” it said.

“Ah! Okay, how about blue silk with flowers on it?” I replied.

“That would be perfect!”

“Let me take your measurements!”

So I cut the cloth, swoosh! Then I drew the pattern on it, scratch scratch scratch... Then I cut the pattern out of the cloth, snip snip snip. I put the thread through the needle, and started to put my pattern through the sewing machine, chng chng chng! 

“On a big job like this, the sewing machine is my number one helper!” I said. 

I put on a button and a zipper, then I asked the wolf, “Let’s put a picture on the pants; which would you like: daisies, a bunny, or a baby bear?”

“Ooh, I’ll go with the little bunny. It reminds me of when I was young and eating up all the animals in the forest…”


“Ooookay…! Well, let me iron the pants first before I give them to you.”
The wolf put on the pants.

“Hey, it’s a perfect fit! My dear, you are a great designer!”

“Glad you like it!”

“...Well, wolf, thanks for coming by! Here’s your receipt!” 

It seems my business will depend on the wolf coming in often to buy clothes…


Gives children a chance to practice fine motor skills
Trains children’s hand-eye coordination in a fun way
Is an excellent outlet for imagination and creativity
Lets children think independently and solve problems
Cultivates a sense of responsibility
Helps kids understand the real world!